It is SERRS’ policy that individual clubs be fully compliant with USAR and in good standing with their respective Unions in order to request referees from the Society.

All clubs and organizations requesting referees must submit a written schedule of their planned matches and events to the SERRS Allocations Officer.  It is SERRS’ policy that no referee will be assigned until a written schedule is received. The schedule should include the number of games (A, B, C, etc.), time, and location.   

Spring schedules must be submitted to the Allocations Officer by December 15th, and Fall schedules must be submitted by August 15th.  All colleges should have Fall schedules in before summer break.

Each club is required to provide the SERRS Allocations Officer two (2) up-to-date email contacts.  It is the responsibility of each club to notify the SERRS Allocations Officer when there is a change in one (or both) of these contacts.  The weekly SERRS schedule will be posted on this website.

Each club is responsible for timely contacting the assigned referee(s) by 10 p.m. of the Wednesday prior to the match to confirm time and location.  Timely contact means contacting the assigned referee(s) by phone and email so that the referee(s) can confirm the match by the 10 p.m. deadline.  Clubs are encouraged to contact the referee(s) early in the week, on Monday or Tuesday, to give the referee(s) enough time to confirm the match.  Failure to timely contact the referee(s) will result in the allocation of that referee(s) to another match.  Any problems related to attempting to timely contact the referee(s) must be communicated to the SERRS Allocations Officer by both phone and email prior to the Wednesday 10 p.m. deadline.

In the event of a no-show by a team or a cancellation after the referee has left for a scheduled match, the home team will be charged the referee’s travel reimbursement, and the team that no-showed or cancelled will be reported to the Union Disciplinary Chair for appropriate action.  If there are any changes after a team has communicated with the assigned referee, the referee needs to be notified of the changes immediately.