Graeme Payne

Graeme has been refereeing for over 10 years. Like any Kiwi he has a great love of the game. Graeme started playing rugby as a young boy in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has previously served as SERRS President and is currently SERRS Secretary/Webmaster and SRRA Treasurer.  




John Meyers

Currently, John is the SERRS President and SRRA Secretary.  He lives in Columbia, SC.




Dan Gilbert

Dan got interested in rugby while living in the UK from 1998 to 2005. He has been refereeing for the past three years as a way to stay involved in the game and keep in shape. Dan is also the President of Gastonia RFC Inc. a non-profit established to help grow rugby locally, supporting the Gastonia team as well as supporting player development in Morganton and Hickory.





Gareth Morgan

Picked up reffing when I arrived in Atlanta in 2000 and have been fortunate to have had some good coaching, lots of society support and a very patient family (wife who played rugby in UK). I speak a bit of “Die Taal”  and have been known to abuse the perceived expertise that my accent provides me on the field. Been lucky enough to get involved in the National Panel set up for both 7’s and 15’s…lots of fun and quite a challenge.  The South needs more representation so pick up the whistle and get out there and learn!





 Jonathan Botha

 Jonathan started refereeing in 2006 when he realized that you were never off sides as a ref.  He grew up in South Africa, but continued to enjoy a long playing career around the US including Raleigh, Kalamazoo and San Francisco-Golden Gate.  In his spare time he is an avid cricketer and is the assistant coach of the North Carolina Collegiate Women's All Star team.  He lives in Durham, NC.


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