SERRS recognizes that many college and universities require invoices before they will prepare a check to reimburse a referee for his travel expenses. 

As check processing must proceed through college and/or university administrative channels, SERRS permits such colleges and universities to deviate from the practice that requires all clubs to reimburse the referee for his travel expenses on the day of and/or prior to the match. 

Such deviation is permitted where before the match in question:

(1) the request for an invoice is made to the SERRS Treasurer, Bill Gillis,; and

(2) a college or university administrative contact (phone and email) is provided to the SERRS Treasurer.

Colleges and universities seeking to avail themselves of this procedure are encouraged to notify the SERRS Treasurer of such intent prior to the beginning of the season (or the earliest time practical) and to provide the necessary college and/or university administrative contact information. Invoices will be prepared by the SERRS Treasurer and sent directly to the appropriate college and/or university administrative contact.  The invoice will contain the address of where the check should be sent.

 For every invoice the SERRS Treasurer prepares, a $15 administrative fee will be imposed to cover the additional administrative costs associated with this process.  If an invoice remains unpaid for more than ninety (90) days (from the date of the invoice), an additional $10 administrative fee will be imposed for each unpaid invoice. 

Please note, with regard to tournaments, if only one invoice is prepared, there is only one $15 administrative fee imposed, regardless of the number of referees at the tournament.