The SERRS schedule will only be available at this page.  

PLEASE NOTE: Clubs and Referees should check the schedule after 5pm ET on the Monday prior to the match for final assignments. Any changes after Monday affecting games or referees for the following weekend will be advised by email. 

Click here to view the current schedule:

SERRS Schedule


This schedule is for all participating clubs in GA, NC & SC. To all teams, you are required to contact your assigned referee before 10pm on the Wednesday evening before the game. If you send an email and do not get a response, follow up with a phone call. Don’t presume because you sent an email, the recipient received it.  Failure to contact, WILL result in your referee be re-assigned, as we have more games than referees some weeks. Your timely attention to this is appreciated.


If your game is canceled or you are not contacted, notify SERRS Allocations Officer ASAP.  Just as the clubs are required to contact us in a timely manner, YOU are required to contact your coach/assessor in a timely manner as well.  Numerous coaches have complained that you have not taken the time to contact them with the match details.  Don't forget, they are coming out to make you better.

Observers must be contacted and provided with directions and start time info in a timely manner.  Timely contact means that you BOTH call and email the assigned observer so that they can respond by Wednesday night.  You should contact your assigned observer early in the week, preferably on Monday or early Tuesday.  Please get a contact number as well in case of emergency or last minute changes.  Observers not timely contacted will be reassigned.