Referees typically are assigned in following manner:

1. Appointments that come from USA Rugby Referees Association (USARRA) and International and National exchanges, and league matches.

2. Thereafter, referees are assigned to teams that have submitted their schedules to SERRS, with priority given to those  clubs that have submitted their schedules first. Any matches (including league matches) rescheduled will be put at the bottom of the priority list.

3. Occasionally, no referee in close proximity to a club requesting a referee will be available.  In these cases, the Society will endeavor to find a referee from another society to cover that match.

4. Occasionally, the number of matches will exceed the number of referees available.  SERRS will do its best to cover all the matches in which clubs have requested referees.  Given the current referee shortage, clubs need to be flexible with kickoff times and must be cognizant that they may not always receive a referee.  In recognition of the long standing policy by many Unions in the SERRS area, and in view of the shortage, all non-Collegiate Men’s and Women’s clubs are encouraged to have at least one Level 1 certified referee within its membership who can referee matches, especially B- or C-side matches.

5. The referee assigned to an A-side match will not be assigned to a B- or C-side match unless specifically requested by the club requesting the referee and the referee assigned to the A-side match is not needed elsewhere.