Clubs are reminded that the “Laws of the Game” require goal post pads and sideline restraining ropes for all matches on both sides of the pitch, and that the referee is prohibited from starting the match until they are in place.  Free standing goal posts with above ground supports must be located on the deadball line to avoid ingoal obstructions/hazards. All players, coaches, and medical personnel, must abide by the World Rugby Technical Zone requirements.  All spectators must remain behind the restraining ropes throughout the game.

If, during a game, lightning, thunder, or other hazardous weather conditions occur, the referee will immediately stop the game to allow players and spectators the opportunity to seek appropriate shelter.  Minimum time stoppage is 30 minutes.  Each time lightning is seen or thunder is heard, the 30-minute minimum stoppage time must be reset.  The referee is not responsible for ensuring players and spectators seek appropriate shelter. 

All disciplinary rulings for matches covered by a SERRS referee will be catalogued in the SERRS Disciplinary Database.  Also, all temporary suspensions will catalogued on the SERRS website as well.



SERRS referees receive travel reimbursement from the home or hosting club on the day of and/or prior to the match.  The current travel reimbursement for all referees is $75. If a team requests or requires a referee to cover a second match (B-side against same opponent), the reimbursement is $65 irrespective of the time played.  All A-side matches regardless of the number of games played on the day are reimbursed at $75, as on most occasions this involves two referees at the same location or one ref traveling from one location to another. 

Should a referee need to travel more than 75 miles in one direction for a match, an additional travel reimbursement is required.  The additional travel reimbursement is as follows:

  • Over 75 miles in one direction for one or more matches - $20
  • Over 125 miles in one direction for one or more matches - $40
  • Over 200 miles in one direction for one or more matches - $60 

Assistant Referees (ARs) are assigned at the direction of USA Rugby and in some cases a local area union, college conference, or SERRS.  The travel reimbursement for each AR is $40/per match or 30 cents/mile round-trip, whichever is greater. [added December 2012]